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13,500 Square-Feet of Possibilities

Housed within our 13,500-square-foot facility, we house top of the line staff and cutting edge equipment which can handle any fabrication project you may have. Scriven has been delivering top quality, custom parts to satisfied customers for many years. From Metal Stamping, Punching, Forming, Deburring, Shearing, and Forming, to Assembly and Welding, we have all of the bases covered to fulfill all of our customer’s needs. Our absolute focus on detail, accuracy, and quality further enhances our reputation as a leading fabrication and assembly company. Trust our experience and expertise to get the job done the way you need, quickly and accurately.  We are able to receive your existing CAD files via email and work with you on a final design for your project before the fabrication and assembly process begins. If you have a fabrication job that you need done, look no further than Scriven Precision Fabricating. Call (480)961-9775 for a free quote today!